Throwback Track Thursday: “Sugarcane” – Wide Mouth Mason

Old school grooves always rule my musical heart.


Throwback Track Thursday: “Rained Out Parade” – Wide Mouth Mason

Thankfully no real parades were rained out in today’s mixed weather of intermittent rain and hail.

Throwback Track Thursday: “Ease Your Mind” – Wide Mouth Mason

Much as I love the bluesy rock vibes of Wide Mouth Mason, one of my favourites of my favourite band is this slow, emotive, melancholic ballad that makes me want to have a warm drink and a satisfying book to read and relax on rainy days like today. The last few bars of vocals always gets to me.

Throwback Track Thursday: “Companion – Lay Me Down” – Wide Mouth Mason

Weird as it may seem, I’m a fan of music I can not only listen to but also physically own. There are variations to how I choose to own music, with my favourite of favourites often being artists I have music on multiple media. Wide Mouth Mason is one such artist. I love their entire catalogue as a longtime fan of their work, but this song, this song just seems to bring me the sun sonically on a rather dreary cold winter day. The music video’s vibe of laid back grooves match the repeating guitar chords that ties this song to my musical heart.

Where I Started: Wide Mouth Mason

I remember the first moments of being aware of the Canadian rock band, Wide Mouth Mason. Back in the day when music channels actually played music videos and did music interviews (as opposed to the plethora of reality shows and dated March view typically airing on a music television channel near you), I recall a MuchMusic VJ doing a brief interview with the band before throwing to Wide Mouth Mason’s music video for the song “Midnight Rain”. That video struck a chord, but it wasn’t until an acquaintance started raving about Wide Mouth Mason, deeming the band amongst their favourites that my knowledge of the band got a bit deeper. 

Although I regretfully couldn’t enjoy much of early Wide Mouth Mason performances live, my Wide Mouth Mason CD collection grew. I’ve enjoyed the musical permutations of the band Wide Mouth Mason proper, as well as the musical tangents members of Wide Mouth Mason became involved in as time passed. I mourned the departure of original bassist and co-founder Earl Pereira, yet also rejoiced in the bassists that helped Wide Mouth Mason maintain its live performance grit. When Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar frontman and past Wide Mouth Mason producer) opted to join Wide Mouth Mason as its permanent bassist, my favourite band ever became even better! To this day, being the completist collector I am, I have every single recording ever done by Wide Mouth Mason. And I love that their music always remains amazing to me, never boring. 

Rainy Days

The weather outside is cold and wet, the rain reminding me of songs in my music listening history that are about the sometimes inclement weather. Here are ten songs about rain that came to mind, in no particular order: 

  1. East 17 – “Let It Rain”
  2. Prince – “Purple Rain”
  3. Bruno Mars – “It Will Rain”
  4. The Beatles – “Rain”
  5. Wide Mouth Mason – “Midnight Rain”
  6. Adele – “Set Fire To The Rain”
  7. Blind Melon – “No Rain”
  8. Nelson – “After The Rain”
  9. Wide Mouth Mason – “Rained Out Parade”
  10. Eddie Rabbit – “I Love A Rainy Night”