Throwback Track Thursday: “Together Forever” – Rick Astley

There are some songs I listened to so often, be it on the radio, homemade mix tapes, or music videos of the day that their music and lyrics are part of my long term music memories. Rick Astley’s song is one of those songs, long before there was an idea of Rick-rolled!


Tune of the Tuesday: “Blue Eyes” – Scary Pockets cover featuring Cary Brothers

I love Cary Brothers’ music. “Blue Eyes”, from the soundtrack for the movie “Garden State” was exquisite on its own. But when it comes as a funky cover by Scary Pockets featuring Cary Brothers himself?! Somehow, the song gets that much better. And funkier. Which is a good thing on an already great thing. Love this version, hoping to buy a copy of it sometime soon. One can always hope… which I am!

Tune of the Tuesday: “New Rules x Are You That Somebody?” – Pentatonix

I love a cappella. Hearing the purity of tone, when vocal harmonies blend effortlessly… that is something I really appreciate. When a group like Pentatonix takes the art of a cappella to another level, amazing things happen! I love this cover/mash-up because of the mix of a current hit Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” with one of the old-school hits of back in my day, Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody”.